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Hot Air Ballooning

bal·loon (b-ln) n. 1. a. A flexible bag designed to be inflated with hot air or with a gas, such as helium, that is lighter than the surrounding air, causing it to rise and float in the atmosphere. b. Such a bag with sufficient capacity to lift and transport a suspended gondola or other load. c. Such a bag shaped like a figure or object when inflated; an inflatable.

It is not possible to find a way to enjoy an afternoon better than to take flight in a Hot Air Balloon. Ever since the Montgolfier brothers, who owned a paper factory in France in the 1700s, became intrigued by a piece of paper that flew up a chimney under a roaring hearth one day and their first manned flight, the balloon flight launched with only a duck, a rooster, and a sheep in the basket man has been fascinated by balloons. This flight took place at Versailles on September 18, 1783 and was witnessed by King Louis XVI. The animals were unharmed during the eight minute flight.

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